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Community Reiki

Myself and Katie and Ross of Salt Water Studios are passionate about healing, and helping those who wish to find calm, peace and healing within.

The Community Reiki was born after inspiration from the beautiful Anne-Marie of Taste of Space was running her acupuncture sessions as community clinics to allow access to all, affordable pricing and a sliding scale.

With the community sessions, the first Friday of every month, you can book a taster/short appointment of 30 mins from


And a full session (normally priced £55 in my clinic) is just £30-40.


An ancient form of healing, Reiki uses life force energy, abundant all around and within us, to redirect any stuck energy flow inside and out of the body. By calming the nervous system, away from it's fight or flight survival mode, we can allow it the time and space to heal our mind, body and soul.

Some people just feel calm, deeply relaxed and at ease (allowing dis-ease a chance to be removed), others may sense, feel, see colours and sensations. The experience will vary depending on our unique and special selves. No two sessions have ever been the same for me even with returning clients.


We ask if you are working and can afford to pay the fuller amount, and if you simply cannot, the pay what you can. 

Following the kind pricing principle from another beautiful soul; Nicolas Haines of The 5 Institute;

Kind to you 

£20 - 30mins

£30 - 60mins

Kind to me

£25 - 30mins

£35 - 60mins

Kind to everyone

£30 - 30mins

£40 - 60mins

The more we get paid the more we can put back into our training and community. everyone benefits.

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