Our Team

Luke Ingham, Sports and Fitness Therapist, Kinesiologist

Luke joined us in June 2016. He brings a new area of expertise, with his martial arts background and Association of Systematic Kinesiology. Luke takes a holistic approach with patients getting to the root cause of pains and injuries. He has demonstrated amazing (if sometimes magical) skills when assessing patients and providing insight to help them overcome their limitations. 

Kinesiology is a series of muscle testing that can help the practioner focus on the areas that are not responding efficiently. The systematic Kinesiologist will start by discussing your health and from that information they will proceed with the muscle testing. If a muscle tests 'spongy' it gives an indication there is a weakness and failure in the system (being your body).  

Suggestions and advice may include relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and exercies and nutritional supplementation.  If the patient is committed to taking personal responsibility for their own health regime this will help achieve the best results. As with all therapies, practioners are there to guide and aid (facilitate) a change...the hard work comes from you the patient.

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