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About Christie

Christie is a Sports Therapist by degree training, turned Yogi and Be Activated Therapist; an empath and Fire Energy type who loves to help people and has experienced her own burn out and adrenal fatigue over the years. She knows the importance of healing oneself and uses all sorts of treatment techniques, recognizing no two people are the same and no two injuries/pains/problems can therefore be treated so. 


"I believe that the body needs healing when there is an issue, but sometimes patching up the symptoms is not enough.  Stress (Dis-ease!) is more prevalent than we could ever have imagined these days from all angles, work, homelife, social media, even the exercise we chose to do to "help" ourselves can be the source of stress for our bodies. We must look at the whole self, not only the physical symptoms, because more often than not the mind and the soul needs work and healing too. I have found for my self and many others this is the case and it starts with breathing. I am a firm believer that we need  to re-learn to breathe, return to our breath, to our true nature, and this can help us regain control over illness/injury and pain effectively."

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