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Muscle Activation (Be Activated)     


"The body is amazing, we are amazing, and it is now, right now in the world when we need to remember this."

Douglas Heel


Our body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move – and without both – we will not survive!  Our body finds ways to meet those priorities, and it’s willing to sacrifice anything else in order to do this. But these compensations put us at risk and cause us to stay in survival mode (fight, flight, freeze or fawn).  

Muscle Activation (neuromuscular activation) works to reset the neural pathways (brain to muscle) to find the correct sequence for our bodies, putting us in our optimal state. Calm, relaxed, open posture, ready but not in stress mode. Performance increases, stress decreases. They are simple techniques and the goal of working with them is to learn them and use them daily for your own health and wellbeing.

Immediate and incredibly effective. See what some of my patient's have to say...

Backstroke Swimmer

Sue, Worthing

I have noticed remarkable differences. Swimming with no pain is brilliant - I am more relaxed, stronger and breathing deeper.

Wow I can see huge improvements!  My swimming coach noticed an improvement in my style before I he knew what you had done!

Thank you so much

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