"I just wanted to thank you both so much for today...the only words to describe it was magical. Seth, my eldest who is 7, commented how amazing I smelt when I came home. I think it was a mixture of the incense and the essential oils. He has gone to bed with my eye pillow and put it on and said "O mama, it smells like your yoga day, I love it, please can I have an orange colour pillow." :) Your magic spills out further than just your retreat room. xxx" 

Nat, Worthing


Honestly the whole experience has blown my mind, it was just everything I needed and I walked out feeling as if I was lighter, like some weight had been lifted. Do people find that happens?  I can't thank you enough and I will definitely book in for a full hour as I have found it all so fascinating and healing.   I have shared my experience with friends and now they are all interested.  Its a remarkable gift you have and has Honestly bought me so much joy and peace since.  Thank you.

Charlie, Worthing

I had a Reiki treatment with Christie at a time when I was feeling particularly stressed and anxious about things.  I have had other treatments with Christie and know that she is extremely kind, calm and professional so you feel immediately at ease with her and trust she will look after you.  The Reiki session was amazing.  I was able to completely relax and focus on the good things in my life.  Not only did I feel 100% better after the treatment but the effects have continued weeks after as well.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

Alison, Worthing

It’s the first time I had reiki and it was a surprisingly emotional experience. Christie’s thoughts and vibes definitely connected with me and my life / past which was extraordinary. I’ll definitely be having it again.

Emma, Worthing

Christie is a natural healer.  She brings you to this super comfortable place of peace, where she starts working her magic with healing hands. During the whole session I have felt energy moving through my entire body, perceived trough a pleasant tingling sensation. Christie has cleared some emotional blocks and I felt so much lighter and relaxed after the session. I can only recommend her treatment and would take any opportunity for another session with her.

Sanja, Hamburg

Oh my gosh Christie, I slept so well and so deeply last night (after connecting with Rafael) I feel like a new person, you saved me in so many ways - thank you!!!!

Cross fingers Reiki will be considered essential for mental health, if not see you next month.

Janet, Worthing


'Hey Wonder Woman. Thank you so much. I will keep (belly) breathing and holding on to the chilled vibe you left me with! What a miracle worker you are! Santa had better spoil you this year. Have a fantastic holiday and thanks so much again.'

Kate, Worthing


'I have noticed remarkable differences. Swimming with no pain is brilliant - I am more relaxed, stronger and breathing deeper. I dare not say I have swum faster - but here is a comparison of before and after from my swim watch : 

This morning:                                                                                        Compared with last week for example:

I swam for 1 hr 24mins - total of 2225m                                            1hr 2 mins - total of 1350m

52 SWOLF (time distance plus number of strokes)                           59 SWOLF

21SPM ( strokes per minute)                                                                 22 SPM

14 STRK (strokes per length)                                                                 16 STRK 

2:36/100m ( time per 100m)                                                                 2:55/100m

Wow I can see huge improvements!  My swimming coach noticed an improvement in my style before I he knew what you had done!

Thank you so much'

Sue, Worthing



I am still amazed by that reading....A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! It literally has blown my mind how you just needed my full name, place of birth and date of birth. Insanely accurate! I mean, you really do barely know me, yet you’ve been able to tell me all about me and pin point significant times in my life and it be like you have known me for years!! Just incredible and I cannot wait to get started on clearing :) 

Annette, Worthing


"I attend Gym classes at least 5 days a week and because of the amount of exercise I do, I starting having a few back issues. Christie was recommended to me for her Sport Massage and Acupuncture services. I have now used her services three times and I have felt a real difference and the pain has completely gone. Christie has also given me some general exercises and advice on helping me look after my back. I will be using Christie's services on a regular basis to compliment my exercise regime. Excellent service, thank you Christie."
Graham, Worthing

"I am a runner, who trains for long and short distance races and have been having treatments with Christie for a few years now, due to IT band injuries. I have always found Christie to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Christie has always been able to arrange a convenient appointment with me, I will often call her at the last minute and she always accommodates me. Christie's expertise, general knowledge about the body and her professional manor is amazing.  After the treatment she provides me with a few carefully selected and simple exercises to use between the sessions to aid recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending Christie to other friends and family'

Lisa, East Worthing

"Since being treated by you ladies, I feel so amazing. I will defo make follow up appointment so I remain supple and agile!"

Mel, Worthing


'I have been going to Christie's pilates classes for about 2 months now and can already see a change. I had been suffering with a lower back problem and would often feel that I needed to stretch it out - the pilates classes, and Christie's knowledge, have helped to reduce the pain I was in. The classes are relaxed, friendly and informative - and are tailored to your individual ability. I would highly recommend the classes to anyone interested in improving their posture, toning up or learning a new fitness regime.'

Jo, West Worthing


'Due to the nature of my work I suffer with lower back, neck & foot pain. I have found Pilates Classes, Massage sessions & the friendly help and advice from Christie at Bodywaves has been really great. Thank you Christie.'

Julie, Worthing