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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a journey into your past life/lives using guided meditation techniques.

You can experience For Interest Only - and go to happy past life memories and learn from these bringing back peace and happiness and any messages from those past lives your soul wishes you to know now.

Or you can journey to specific times and places or lives with a presenting issue in mind to work with. This is more of a therapy and can be used to gain insight about karmic patterns and karma brought into this lifetime, perhaps why you chose the life you chose this lifetime, and heal and let go of patterns that are holding you back or affecting you now. 

It can be healing to visit the life between lives where the soul rests, rejuvenates and learns and reconnects with other souls, past/present/future and also to experience your death experience in any of your past lives. Going through the leaving behind of the physical body and moving into the life between lives and seeing how there is nothing to worry about when passing on or healing this or learning from the experience.

What will it be like?

It is a guided meditation where you relax and tune inwards. The work and processing is done in your subconscious mind and that really does it all for you, you just allow it and follow. I am only guiding you to where you need to go. At all times you are in control and can come out whenever you choose or guide yourself back to a special place that feels safe and calm.

How does it work?

Is it just our subconscious processing thoughts and emotions? Maybe! I believe our subconscious and higher self are interchangeable and both know what we want and need and are there for our highest good. Perhaps it will just shed understanding and light on areas that need it and it's ok to not know or believe in actual past lives...

Will I always visit a past life?

No, not always, but we always set up a safe and calm, peaceful spiritual sanctuary, or place for you to visit and find inner peace and deep relaxation at the very least, which in itself is healing.

How long are sessions?

Typically 1 hour gives us time to chat and set up, go through our journey and decompress after.

How much?

Special offer right now 60min sessions are just £60. This will increase to £90 by the end of the summer so take full advantage now.

Can I go back to revisit a specific lifetime?

YES! If you know of anything already, or there is a specific time you wish to revisit or work on you can go in with this intension. However, the soul and higher self knows best and will often show you what you need not always what you want.

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