Yoga means union.


I am a strong believer in union of the body and mind, using techniques and Yoga practices for injury and pain to treat not only the physical but the mind too.

Booking a 1:2:1 will mean we can focus on what would be good for your body and what might need avoiding with certain injuries and pathologies. But yoga really can be for every BODY :) 

Yoga, Meditation and Pranyama

1:1 Yoga, Meditation or pranyama taught online, in your own home or mine, or outdoors.

PADDLEBOARD YOGA is also available for a special treat or a new way to progress your practice adding that healing and challenging water element.

Small group classes also available and studio hire available on request.

See instagram and facebook for updated classes, summer outdoor classes offered, get in touch for up to date days and times. Online booking available via the bookings page

Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga taught. All aspects of meditation and breathing to help

with the physical and emotional mind and body connection.

Corporate work available on request.

Bodywaves Yoga


It's a long and often heartbreaking road. What we need to remember is that we are built for this, engineered for awakening, designed to have experiences that break our heart, not in two, but wide open

From a beautiful teacher's teacher x

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