Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment looks at finding you Divine Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records. By uncovering our soul's unique divine gifts we can start to align our choices with these to create the life we want and deserve. In being in alignment we can create more abundance and choose what is right for us on a soul level. By being in harmony we will naturally experience more ease in life, more joy, more love, more balance. Dare I say more satisfaction and happiness. 

We also look at what past (and past life) choices we have made that may be blocking us now from living in our Divine Soul Blueprint and being the best, most aligned version of ourselves.

We have the power to create and with all the Universal life force Energy available to us we can live more aligned and conscious in our choices, allowing us to create the life we came here to live. 

To book seeing the booking page or get in touch. I simply need your permission to read the records and your name, name at birth and date and place of birth.

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