Be Activated WORKSHOPS

2 parts

Part 1: Saturday 5th October

09.30am 90mins

Part 2: Saturday 26th October

09.30am 90mins

SALT WATER STUDIOS - Stoke Abott Road, Worthing (plenty of car parking around road and x2 pay and display car parks)

 to book click here

£25 for part 1 or 2

£40 for both

These techniques changed my life, my point of view and how I work with my body. I can't wait to share them with you. I use them daily in my Sports Injury Practice as well as my own training and yoga and breathwork. The idea is doing the right thing to the body at the right time will create an immediate positive change. I hear the words often "Wow, it's like magic" and I can share the wisdom behind this because it's not a secret like the magic circle would have you keep. Come along and see for yourself how you can treat injuries, pain, dysfunction in the body or just improve your over efficiency in movement and performance.

This will be delivered over two 90min workshops to give you all the tools and allow time between for you to read and understand your body and any shifts or changes and bring back questions you may have, or simply allow the first parts to soak in before taking in the second parts.

You get a discount when booking both workshops bringing the price to £40 for both, or individually they are £25. If you have an understanding from working with my privately in clinic, or have been to a workshop before you may wish to book just one workshop, but I recommend doing both.

I can't wait t share this amazing self treatment with you, which literally changed my life, giving me simple but profound insight into my body which I thought I knew so well, but couldn't have been more wrong.

Any questions please do get in touch  by email or contact form,  phone/text etc 07821740166

WORKSHOPS RUN FOR 90mins at 9.30am at Salt Water Studios, Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing
Oct 5th and 26th 2019.

TO BOOK YOUR SPACE (payment details will be sent after booking) please use the link below. Places are not confirmed until payment received so be sure to follow the instructions and complete payment after booking.

Workshop 1 Oct 5th - click here to book
Worksop 2 Oct 26th - click
here to book

Some people have a basic understanding of Muscle Activation, i use this with the majority of my Sports Injury Patients. Some have done a workshop with me before, hence I am offering spaces seperately. However if you are new to it, I would suggest booking both to get a complete understanding and all the tools you need to help yourself with pain, injuries, dysfunction, and bring yourself to your most efficient movement patterns.

 Bodywaves. c/o Offington Osteopath Clinic, 7 Offington Lane, Worthing, BN14 9RY. Call: 01903 899916 OR 07821 740 166.