HOTPOD FLOW YOGA    Tuesdays 9.30am, Friday 8.30am - 60mins of Hotpod Flow Yoga  -bookable direct                                                     through them (click here)

OUTDOOR YOGA             Tuesday 5pm & 6pm (both 45min classes) at Goring Green near end of Alinora                                                           Ave,close to the carpark. JUST £5 bookable online and numbers restricted due to                                                         COVID19


                                            Wednesday 8am & Thursday 6pm (both 60min classes) in Marine Gardens, between                                                   Wallace Ave and Rye Close on Marine Drive, Worthing. JUST £7

All bookable on the bookings page.

Yoga classes are donation based so pay what you can £0-10

For NHS staff or those currently out of work please use the CV1950 code for 50% off Be Activated classes.


Bodywaves YOGA 

Classes at Salt Water Studios


75mins of Breathwork, Meditation and Ashtanga Style asanas, with some Yin before Shavasana (with a beautiful adjustment to help you relax deeply)

To book your space please see the booking page or send me a message on 07821740166

£10 drop in (paid in advance on booking, or by arrangement cash on the day)

(please note your space is not guarunteed if you haven't paid as spots are limited and first paid comes first)

Courses available, 6 weeks for £48

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice to reschedule your class if you cannot attend. This is to ensure others can get a spot if required. Thank you

 Bodywaves. c/o Offington Osteopath Clinic, 7 Offington Lane, Worthing, BN14 9RY. Call: 07821740166