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Bodywaves and YogaIsh Joined forces


Shelly and I have been friends since well probably since we discovered each other on Instagram and realised we both taught (and loved being upside down!) at @salt.water.studios some years ago.

A friendship was born from a love for yoga, handstands, health, fitness, wellbeing, breathing, meditating. We have our differences but they only strengthen us a team. We joined together to bring Find Your Bliss retreat days to all the brave souls who chose to join us. We couldn't have imagined how they would be relieved and started out with one and ended up with 3 retreats at the end of 2021.

Each retreat day was different. Our participants, the energies, in us and our delivery and content. I am so grateful to work with such a pro and @yogaishwithmichelle and I tend to feed off whats in front of us. Reading the room. The energy as it shifts. What is presented on the day. Experience and talent allow us to work with what we are shown in the moment and I love doing just that. Flow state some might say. It comes naturally to us both and it allows us to flow through the day as we need to in response to things as they come up.

We will most definitely be offering more days. If you missed out this time don't worry! We got you in 2022.

But for now...its a wrap ! As Xmas draws near, winter is calling. A drawing inwards is inviting us. A journey home. To our inner selves. Our soul. Our bliss.


Nat, Worthing

I just wanted to thank you both so much for today...the only words to describe it was magical. Seth, my eldest who is 7, commented how amazing I smelt when I came home. I think it was a mixture of the incense and the essential oils. He has gone to bed with my eye pillow and put it on and said "O mama, it smells like your yoga day, I love it, please can I have an orange colour pillow." :) Your magic spills out further than just your retreat room. xxx


Cat, Worthing

Thank you both so much for a really lovely and very insightful day. It was just what I needed, think I need to find some inner calm and learn how to deal with a noisy easily distracted mind! Like you said it’s exhausting so this has really helped me start to re-evaluate things and I’ve already put into practise some of the techniques and mind sets which has been useful.  

Mel, Worthing

Thanks again for a really lovely day on Sunday. You both did a grand job and it was fab!
Slept like a baby too!

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