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Pranyama (breathwork)

Lungs Illustration
Prana = life force energy
yama = extension or expansion
"To live is to breathe, to live fully is to breathe fully" Sudhir Rishi

Pranayama - Breathwork

To breathe freely and easily is more important than we may realise. We often think it takes care of itself, and whilst this function happens for us, on a subconscious level, we need to make time to train it, like any other muscle, to improve it's function, and get the best from it. The mind is directly controlled by the breath, but how hard do we find it at times to control our mind. As we start to build awareness of the breath, we can directly calm the mind through simple practices. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to return to calm quickly, with ease the next time someone cuts you up in traffic, or when you receive some bad news. Wouldn't it be nice to calm our selves instead of turning to food or alcohol to seemingly "calm our nerves". The nervous system, the one that prepares us for fight or flight is in constant overload these days, learning some simple breathing practices is the quickest and healthiest way to gain control and reclaim our subconscious minds. Find our true self, unconditional, uninterrupted joy. 

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