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Cracked open

I can tell you when my mindset got so shaken up that it could no longer ignore the signs. I can also tell you that the stirring began many years before, in a relationship that didn’t fit. Nothing majorly “wrong” with it, but something inherently not right for me...or for him. To get past my ego and say it’s ok to “give up”, it’s ok to not be ok and to want something different. It’s also ok to let what is, simply be….two of my life’s biggest lessons. And when to know the difference? Well, learning to listen to my intuition, and have faith, that ultimately, the universe most definitely does have your back (thank you Gabrielle Bernstein! Lesson received loud and clear).

And even on the days when we are being our most human, perhaps crying, maybe just grumpy, mad at the leaders in this world, angry with strangers and their behaviour, frustrated with our perceived limitations, having the inner knowing now, that this too shall pass, tomorrow will be different. I can even say, the next thought i have will change, and I will choose to think/feel differently about this. It is what it is, so accepting that maybe I can’t actually accept it right now, that alone allows it to shift. To not consume, and overwhelm, or take control.

A spiritual journey is so many things, and ultimately it feels to me right now at least, that it is about appreciating the very moment, as it is. The suchness of life, of being a soul in a human experience, having chosen to be here now, to experience what humanity is facing, and offer your unique voice, your unique feelings and experience of it to those who are in need. We have been sent here to re awaken, to help others do the same, and through committing, in this moment, to allow my light to shine, to honor the light in others (Nameste) and to bring light and love to everything and every moment, whilst knowing that some of those moments will feel dark, and the shadows will come. And that too is all part of the journey. Surrendering, allowing, sitting with those things that show up, maybe even continually, until we can simply let them pass, let them be, let them go, let them see?!

I commit to helping those breaking or broken open, as I have been, offering a light at the end of the tunnel. Offering a match inside the cave that feels as though it is closing in, offering to show them the cracks are simply where the light can enter, and most importantly shine out from.

With love and light

Christie x

It's a long and often heartbreaking road. What we need to remember is that we are built for this, engineered for awakening, designed to have experiences that break our heart, not in two, but wide open

From a beautiful teacher's teacher x

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