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I can’t help but feel that we are here to heal.

Sent from above to experience this world

I believe we choose this time so real

To be our soul in a body unfurled

So often we spend years searching

Not just for love or joy

For the why, we need the answer

But are so often sent a decoy

Is it possible to ever know fully

Everything little nuance and bug

Instead shall we focus on living

And ridding ourselves of the load we lug

Around we carry it daily, weekly, monthly, or even years

It seems a never ending battle, which ages us, and brings us to tears

I have fought with one thing then another, as soon as one lifts, another falls

Onto our shoulders it seems, but it was there underneath, hidden beneath, afterall

We are but onions of layers, deep and never-ending

We are here to learn each lesson, encased in each layer blending

I believe we must keep working, striving for better each day

Healing our mind, body and soul, in our own unique and special way


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