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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I woke up this morning, sleepy, a little overtired from an amazing week away last week and back to a full day in the clinic and teaching the day before. My daylight clock waking me gently before my alarm kicked in. At which time I turned to my phone to put on a morning mediation track. But was pleasantly hit with this beautiful message - paraphrased it said, "Christie, I gave my boyfriend your number and came home tonight after he had seen you for treatment to be told it was life changing, his words" ... WOW. How powerful those words are. How many times in the past few years have I used those words myself to describe great and traumatic experiences.

To hear them from an acquaintance who trusted me to send her boyfriend along for help was incredible. I know that Be Activated treatments are life changing. Everytime i have been on the course myself i have had life changing experiences. I have cried until i didn't think there were any tears left. I have felt my body become lighter, more efficient in it's movements and it's breath. I have seen colours suddenly appear more brightly, heard the birds chirping outside the window, felt a sharper sense of other's energy around me and a calmness in being acutely ready for action but totally under control.

Expansion and opening of not only my body, but my mind, vision, spacial awareness. It is all connected and unfortunately all too often we as therapists/drs/professionals look to hone in too much, separate and single out the one thing that is at fault/in pain, causing the problem at hand, without considering the whole body and the whole person. Mind and body connection is undeniable and therefore if we can influence one we can influence the other.

Doug (my guru, my teacher! The man who put together Be Activated) says often "What is in the mind is in the body, and what is in the body is in the mind". It's true, try and laugh whilst you are frowning, try and sob whilst you are smiling. Our bodies take on the posture of our emotions and the trauma's that may have happened to it (emotional or physical). And unless we peel away those layers and breathe fully again these things become patterns of dysfunction and pain.

When Mark (name changed for data protection) walked in yesterday, he seemed quiet, and I struggled to understand the odd word as he mumbled responses seemingly mildly uninterested. He appeared to have a slight dull complexion and an air of tiredness and fatigue about him. We began with a short discussion and got him on the couch to help with his neck pain that had been returning on occasions over the past 3 or so years.

After just testing his body to discover his 333arm pattern (with the left one being stronger as this one had been repaired, but the right being left after the MRI due to the fear of having a second shoulder surgery) the puzzle pieces started to fit. He himself could see why his body was in compensation and how.

Then we simply activated the Psoas and wow, boom! Strength returned and his face lit up. That's crazy! Yep, it is, and still daily I am wowed by this simple but effective technique that gets the body to respond immediately like a willing puppy following instructions to please.

After more excruciating points and more wow's at the shifts created within his now working muscles, Mark was changing. I could see it before my own eyes, and felt a sudden connection to him that wasn't present before the activations. He had seemed closed off and shut down, and all of a sudden he was open and smiling and present.

He left with colour in his cheeks, explaining to me even whilst on the couch that he was finding it strange how different his legs felt, and the changes in his body. Just the simple act of lying there felt different from when we began, and as he sat up I could see more changes and the expression of wonder at what new sensations were present in the body and mind again.

Of course I don't mean new. These things were present before. But if we block anything we block all things. If we try not to feel a certain negative emotion, we block positive ones also.

Be Activated is a powerful tool and incredible at shifting the body back to where it wants to be. Efficient, strong in body and mind, breathing correctly and with ease and open and relaxed, ready to face whatever is coming it's way.

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